Pennine MSK Partnership believes in fairness, equality and above all values diversity in all dealings, both as provider of health services and employers of the people.

Within the population, and our workforce, there are communities representing different minority, or “equality target groups”. We seek to ensure that members of these target groups who require health care services, and also those employed by, or seeking employment with us are not treated less favourably on the basis of their (as per the Equality Act 2010):


Equality is not about treating everyone the same, it is about ensuring that access to opportunities are available to all by taking account of people’s differing needs and capabilities.​

Diversity is about recognising and valuing differences through inclusion, regardless of sex, gender reassignment, age, disability, race, religion/belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, commitments outside work, part-time or shift work, language, union activity, HIV status, perspectives, opinions and personal values etc. We ensure our workforce is representative of the community we serve.

Pennine MSK Partnership’s Vision and Commitment

By demonstrating these beliefs we ensure that we develop a healthcare workforce that is diverse, non discriminatory and appropriate to deliver modern healthcare.

The Pennine MSK Partnership embeds its equality and diversity values into every day practice, policies and procedures – so that equality and diversity becomes the norm for all.

There are eight key principles at the heart of Pennine MSK Partnership:

In order to fulfil our public sector equality duties, Pennine MSK Partnership are:

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