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Suggestions and Improvements

We welcome all comments, compliments and complaints as these are what drive our service improvements.

Here are some examples of how, as a service, we continually learn and improve as a result of your comments and suggestions:

“I was referred for Nerve Conduction Studies but received no information as to what this entailed or what to expect”

Alongside our Consultant Neurophysiologist, we have now developed and introduced a Patient Information Leaflet on Nerve Conduction Studies. These are sent out to all patients receiving an appointment for Nerve Conduction Studies and provides a wealth of information about this diagnostic test.

“I struggle to attend appointments during working hours, it would be helpful if more flexible appointment times were available.”

We have implemented weekday evening and occasional Saturday clinics to reduce cancellation rates and accomodate working people.

“Can I refer myself for treatment without having to go through my GP?”

All patients in receipt of a Self Referral letter can refer themselves for a recurring complaint without GP referral.

“I would like more information about my diagnosis and treatment.”

Up to date Patient Information Leaflets are now available both in clinic and on our website. Your clincian will also provide full explanations of diagnoses and treatments.

“Can we have different ways of being reminded about appointments?”

If you have provided us with your mobile contact number a text message will automatically be sent to you one day prior to your appointment unless you specifically request not to be contacted this way.

 “The infusion chairs that we have to sit on for long periods of time could be  more comfortable.”

We have now provided additional, more comfortable chairs for our infusion patients.

“I wasn’t told I would need to bring food with me when I attended for my all day infusion.”

Infusion patients are now advised to bring a packed lunch with them prior to their appointment.  Refreshments are provided.


If you would like to make any comments or suggestions please complete one of our ‘Comments, Compliments & Complaints’ forms.  These can be found in clinic or downloaded here.