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Your Visit

Before your appointment

We want to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible. Although we have tried to include all essential information, this site may not cover everything you want to know so if there is anything that worries you, please ask your clinician or contact the office on 0161 621 3838.

The following pages within this section of the website provide travel advice, car parking details, what to bring with you, as well as contacts in the service where you can obtain further information.

If you are unable to make your appointment please contact us as soon as possible on 0161 621 3838 to re-arrange for a better time.

We also need to know if any of your details have changed, so please check the letters we have sent you and let us know if any of your details are wrong.

It would also be helpful to have your mobile number as we use an automated text message appointment reminder service.

Important – The service we provide is for patients with a GP only in the Oldham area. If you change GP to one outside of the Oldham area, unfortunately you will no longer be able to access our service. Please advise us if this changes and contact your new GP who will arrange treatment elsewhere.

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When you arrive

Please arrive on time to your appointment.  Late arrival to clinic may result in your appointment being rescheduled for another date.

On arrival please inform the receptionist.  It would be helpful if you could bring your appointment letter with you to show the receptionist.  We aim to see patients at their allocated appointment times.  Occasionally this is not always possible and a member of the nursing team or reception staff will inform you of any waits.

While you’re here

Your assessment will normally take between 20-30 minutes where we will discuss your problem and your general health. We may undertake a physical examination, suggest injection therapy or other services.

If your appointment requires a physical examination you may be required to remove items of clothing.  It is therefore advisable to wear sensible undergarments, so that the clinician can carry out an effective assessment.


It is often possible to treat your problem with injection therapy on the same day. If this is appropriate you will be required to wait 30 minutes after the injection and you may wish to be accompanied. Following this you will need to rest the affected joint for 48 hours so you may be unable to drive, please therefore arrange alternative transport. To find out more visit our injections page.

After this initial appointment we will discuss with you the most appropriate course of management for your condition.  This may involve treatment, further assessment or referral to another relevant health professional.   If you are in any doubt whatsoever what happens next with your care when you have left the clinic, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 621 3838.

The service provides a vast range of Patient Information Leaflets which are available in clinic.  Please ask your clinician for these.  Alternatively there are links to useful websites and leaflet downloads here.

 After you Leave

 This section includes information about how to contact us regarding any suggestions, complaints and/or compliments you may have regarding your appointment with us.

Also included here is information explaining how you can support Pennine MSK Partnership Ltd regarding the future of the service and how you can become involved in patient groups or surveys related to the service.

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Transport Requirements

**Eligibility criteria for transport has recently changed**

To see if you are eligible for and to book transport please telephone (at least 72 hours before your appointment) the Appointment Booking Centre on 0161 627 7494 with your NHS Number and details of your appointment time and location. You will be asked a number of questions to assess if you have a medical need for transport.

Interpreter Services

If your understanding of English is limited we can arrange for an interpreter to be present.  Please notify us at least 48 hours before your appointment if you require this service, specifying which language you require.

What to bring

  • Your appointment letter
  • A list of any medications/topical lotions or ointments you currently use with you
  • If your appointment requires a physical examination you may be required to remove items of clothing.  It is therefore advisable to wear sensible undergarments, so that the clinician can carry out an effective assessment.

Podiatry appointments only

  • A sensible pair of shoes or trainers should be brought in addition to any other footwear as this will increase the range of treatments available.