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At Pennine MSK Partnership Ltd we pride ourselves in offering an excellent experience for all our patients.

We offer appointments at a choice of locations across Oldham including: Oldham Integrated Care Centre, Royton, Failsworth, Royal Oldham Hospital Physiotherapy Department, Union Street Oldham and Mossley.  At the Oldham Integrated Care Centre we offer evening appointments 3 days a week.

We have 80 clinical staff working in our service and we run over 600 clinics per month.  We have a large team of administration staff who ensure the clinics run smoothly and process all clinic letters, appointment letters and answer the telephones.

16 Orthopaedic Consultants attend our Community Clinics at the Oldham Integrated Care Centre to direct list patients for surgery at local hospitals including Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust,  BMI Highfield Hospital and Ramsey Oaklands Hospital.

We take care of all the rheumatology patients of Oldham CCG GP’s in our clinics at the Oldham Integrated Care Centre where we have a full multidisciplinary team of Rheumatology Consultants, Nurse Specialists, GP’s with special interest in Rheumatology, Occupational Therapists and Specialist Rheumatology Physiotherapists and Podiatrists.

We also have the expertise of several psychological medicine colleagues who work in the service to help patients cope with chronic or persistent pain.  We have Consultant Liaison Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists working with our patients.

At a local and national level we have led the implementation of shared decision making in our service and we strive to ensure that patients are fully involved in decision about their care.

We report on Key Performance Indicators that are agreed with our commissioners at Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group and some of our main ones are listed below and our achievements against the Key areas are provided.

RTT (Referral to Treatment) We have a target of 95% of patients to be treated within 18 weeks of referral.

DNA (Did Not Attend)   We strive to keep DNA’s as low as possible (less than 10%) and patients can help by providing us with their mobile number so that we can text appointment reminders and by letting us know if they are unable to attend so that we can offer the appointment slot to another patient.

Triage of new referrals  We have a target to ensure that 100% of new referrals received by the service are triaged to the appropriate clinician within 24 hours.

New appointments offered  We have a target to offer 95% of patients an appointment within 4 weeks and 95% of patients an appointment within 6 weeks.  We monitor our appointment availability very closely and wherever possible add extra clinics to ensure patients can be seen as quickly as possible.

Patient Satisfaction  We measure this in a number of ways, by asking via text and telephone the ‘Friends and Family’ question to rate us on a scale of 1-6 and give us comments.  We also send out patient satisfaction surveys monthly and must report these scores.

Staff recognition  We like to recognise staff who have gone the extra mile to help a patient or colleague – we use comments received from patients via the surveys and also we can nominate other staff members.  We have a clinician and an admin team member of the month.

The latest results are detailed below: